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Christina Ricci Shows Boobs And Pussy In Naked Pics

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

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Since bursting into the scene years ago as a child actress, she’s grown into quite an impressive specimen of a young woman. She may be short, but she’s busty and very very fuckable! Wether raven haired, brunette or blonde, or pale as a ghost, this chick sure does make many a penises hard. She’s spreading her legs against a sexy deep red background and it’s all so sinful! All her sexy parts are highlighted: her pussy, pink nipples, round breasts, shaved bush. The dark shade of her hair works amazingly with the whole look, making you want to just ravage her and dirty her up a little by giving her a facefull of spooge.

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The next photo is an outdoor shot where Christina braves being seen and snapped by paparazzi. But you can’t keep a slut clothed when she wants to show the world what she’s got. While she seems a bit wary of public nudity in that one, a shot of her stepping out of of a van, taking her sweater off, striking a pose naked while her hair catches some ray of light from the setting sun in the background. I’m glad we have these naked pics of Christina Ricci to fulfill our carnal desires. I’m glad I found these, as they will definitely provide me with hours of jack-off material, like the other stuff you’ll find in Christina Ricci Nude, where Hollywood’s hottest former child star gets down and dirty.

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